Kelly Verly, Elite Personal Trainer 

I started my fitness journey in my early 30's after years of unhealthy life choices.  I was sick and tired of being overweight, low to no energy, bad skin, and burning lunges from smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day.  To make a drastic change I decided to throw myself at training to be a figure competitor.  I replaced smoking with weight training and poor food choices with a diet plan designed to reach my fitness goals and stage presence. The transformation was so powerful it lit a passion in me to help others achieve their own goals and reach their potential. 

I decided to expand my education by becoming a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine and with TRX suspension trainer.

 I went on to become a Level 2 CrossFit instructor and Flexologist so I can serve others and myself more efficiently as we age and our different activities we participate in. From there I learned that functional movement started at the joint level of movement.  You can stretch and train yet still be stuck with limited range of motion if your joints are immobile. I certified as a Functional Range Conditioning coach, specializing in joint mobility to increase stronger, healthier joints. 

While training clients, I found that many people exercise without a plan. I also found that like me, they had little knowledge of how to perform exercises properly to reduce the risk of injury.  As a trainer, I help people create plans and show them how to exercise in specific ways to achieve long-term goals and reducing the risk of injury.

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